Case Study*

Young Professional







Primary Goal:

After having earned her law degree, Rachel is concerned about how she is going to be able to pay back her significant student loan debt. She also wants to balance her cash flow to reflect living in the present moment and planning  responsibly for her future.

Rachel is excited about being an attorney but is overwhelmed with how much student debt she has taken on while earning her law degree. She wants to build good financial habits while she is young, but doesn’t feel like she has the understanding to make important financial decisions.

The Challenge:

What is the most effective way to pay off Rachel’s student loan debt while still being able to achieve her other financial goals?

Rachel also wondered:

  • When will I be in a financial position to purchase my first home?
  • How much should I save towards long-term goals like retirement?
  • Am I taking advantage of all of the benefits my employer offers?
  • How should I invest my 401(k) account?
  • Is life and disability insurance important for someone that is young?

The Approach:

Rachel decided to take her concerns and questions to a financial advisor. After focusing on her specific goals and supplying the advisor with the requested financial documents, a customized financial plan was developed.

The Result:

After several meetings and ongoing discussions with her advisor, Rachel was able to:

  • Create a student loan repayment plan that allows her to pay back her student loans, while still working towards her other goals.
  • Understand current cash flow and create a budget that balances living today and saving for tomorrow.
  • Create an investment strategy that aligns with her financial goals.
  • Identify and take advantage of the benefits being offered by her employer.
  • Generate a strategy that will allow her to be in a position to purchase her first home.
  • With a plan in place, Rachel has a peace of mind about how she is paying off her student loan debt and feels confident that she will be able to enjoy today while still being able to plan for tomorrow.

*The above case study is hypothetical and does not involve a Hyperion Financial client. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee they will experience the same or certain level of results if Hyperion Financial is engaged to provide financial planning or investment advisory services.

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