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Financial Planning for Retirees and those close to it

If You

Are age 55+, are within 2 years of retirement, and have saved $1 Million (or more), you may be asking:

How do I minimize taxes once I'm retired?

Do my investments align with my goals?

How can I turn my savings into a reliable source of ongoing income?

Your financial situation requires a specialist. You’ve come to the right place.

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Nearing Retirement

Peace of mind for your golden years.

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Why Hyperion Financial?

We are rooted in the following beliefs:


Honest advice always in your best interest. Delivered by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

No Commissions

No hidden fees. Easy to understand pricing and services.

Customized Retirement Advice

Our team has acquired extensive knowledge and professional designations in retirement planning. We use this knowledge to bring your unique retirement dreams to life.

Experiences over Things

The best memories come from experiences. We help you plan to make more memories.

More Money ≠ More Happiness

Money is simply a tool. It can pay for the family vacations, but it can’t replace not being present while you’re on them.

Casual Meetings

We prefer saving our Suit and Tie for special events. We have a feeling you do too. We serve clients locally, in our hometowns of Reading and Lancaster, PA, as well as across the country. 

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The Hyperion Team

Hi there!

We’re Mike, Dan, and Tyler.

We started Hyperion Financial with a simple mission: To provide financial peace of mind by delivering disciplined, objective advice designed to give clients the confidence to pursue their own passions, dreams, and talents.

We are a team of CFP® Professionals helping our clients who are in or nearing retirement. Together, we serve a broad range of clients in our hometowns of Reading and Lancaster, PA, as well as across the country.

When we’re not helping our clients work towards their goals, you can find us traveling with our growing families, searching for the next best ice cream spot, or playing pickup basketball bright and early on Saturday mornings.

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