College Planning for Families with Teenage Children

Help your child start on the right track while you stay on track
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College Planning Case Studies

These case studies are hypothetical, do not involve a Hyperion Financial client, and should not be construed as a guarantee.

We’ll Help With


Understand the initial process to apply for financial aid.

Financial Organization

Stay on track with goals by establishing a plan for retirement & a plan for college.

Goal Setting

Aligning your money with what matters to you.

Cash Flow for College

Come up with a plan to understand how much you can (and should) pay for college every year. 

Tax Credits

Understand how to qualify and take advantage of tax credits when paying for schooling.

Understanding Financial Aid Packages

Have offers from different schools? Learn how to understand how much you’ll get and maximize how much colleges are willing to give.

Investment Planning

Learn how to create an investment strategy that will align with your short-term and long-term goals

Student Loan Planning

Make sure you and your child are aware before they go to school what they will be expected to pay upon graduation.

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Meet Dan

Developed by one of our Financial Planners, Dan Cieniewicz, our College Planning  services are designed to help families who are considering college for their children, and are unsure how to pay for schooling.

Our  College Planning services are best suited for:

  • Families who have one or more child(ren) planning to attend a post-secondary school and are unsure how to pay for schooling. 
  • Families who want to stay on track for retirement but also want to help cover some or all of the cost for their children’s college. 
  • Families who value a higher level education but are realistic regarding the costs and challenges of funding that education.

Where to Start?

Our Process begins with a 30-Minute Introductory Call