The 8 Best Philadelphia Financial Advisors 

by | Mar 11, 2023

At Hyperion Financial, we pride ourselves in meeting clients wherever they may be currently in their stage of life and financial planning journey. However, from time to time, we may not be the best fit or have the right expertise for a prospective client’s unique financial needs. For that reason, the following post highlights other financial advisors based in Philadelphia, as well as advisors from our home towns of Reading and Lancaster, Pennsylvania whom I trust would be a great resource when called upon. 

In this comprehensive guide, I’m very excited to share a list of the best Philadelphia financial advisors in 2023. 

You’ll also find a number of free resources to assist you in your journey to find a qualified financial advisor. 

So, if you’re searching for a financial planner in Philadelphia, or if you’re looking for someone closer to our home towns of Reading and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this guide is for you! 

Before you dive in to this guide, make sure to take a look at these free resources:

  1. 10 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor [CFP Board]
  2. Financial Advisor Interview Questionnaire [Garrett Planning Network]
  3. Statement of Fiduciary Commitment [PDF] 

While I would love to help everyone in the greater Philadelphia area with their financial planning needs, the reality is there just wouldn’t be enough time in the day to do so! Further, while we pride our firm on being an approachable landing spot for clients in various stages of life, we also recognize we’re not always the right fit and we don’t always have the necessary expertise in every unique situation. 

In situations where our firm isn’t the best fit or doesn’t have the right expertise, I will always do my best to suggest other financial advisors in the greater Philadelphia area, especially if the prospective client would prefer to work with someone local. 

After all, even though technology has made it possible for us to do business anywhere across the country, or even the world perhaps, sometimes there’s just nothing like being able to know you’re entrusting someone with your finances who potentially grew up in the same town, eats at the same restaurants, or goes to the same church as you do! 

How I Connected With the Top Financial Planners in Philadelphia

I’ve been a financial planner in Reading, Pennsylvania for over 13 years. 

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with hundreds of financial advisors throughout the country, including right here in the greater Philadelphia area. 

Sometimes we met at a local industry event or through an industry organization. 

Other connections were made volunteering in the community or grabbing lunch at a local restaurant.

Or, believe it or not, some friendships were even made in the gym and on the basketball court! 

Despite the bad reputation our industry and financial advisors themselves receive by some, the fact of the matter is there are so many talented, hard-working, and kind financial professionals that do amazing work for their clients. Those types of financial planners exist throughout the country, and certainly here in Philadelphia as well!  

So, today I’m excited to share a handful of them with you along with a short blurb from their website. 

Disclaimer: This list is not intended to be exhaustive. This is simply my opinion based on my previous interactions and experiences with these advisors. This is not a testimonial or endorsement of anyone mentioned below. 

The 8 Best Financial Advisors in Philadelphia to Consider in 2023

Chelsea Ransom-Cooper, Zenith Wealth Partners – Philadelphia, PA

Zenith Wealth Partners offers comprehensive financial planning and wealth management solutions for individuals and businesses. Together, they believe that financial planning professionals can work to help close the gender and racial wealth gap, and prioritize forward-thinking and simplified strategies that make financial planning accessible to all. 

Marina Hernandez, Swiss American Wealth Advisors – Philadelphia, PA

Swiss American Wealth Advisors specializes in helping you coordinate your US and Swiss financial lives under one roof. We do this by providing integrated tax, financial, and investment advisory services to individuals, families, and business owners with US and Swiss ties. Our professional team understands how the different pieces of your US and Swiss financial puzzle best fit together, and we work in partnership with clients to streamline and simplify so that your money is working for you, instead of you working for your money.

Eric Nelson, Independence Wealth – Vorhees, NJ

Independence Wealth provides comprehensive financial advice for Retirees, Business Owners, and Working Professionals. At Independence Wealth, we partner with you to create a blueprint customized for you and your family called the Independence Wealth Blueprint. The biggest reward for our firm comes from being able to see our clients meet their goals such as helping their grandkids pay for college, or having the ability to travel during retirement. Whatever your financial goals may be, we are here to help. 

Andrew Mastro, Wrought Advisors – Haddon Township, NJ

Wrought Advisors is a fee-only financial planning firm specializing in working with Attorneys. We help our clients reduce taxes, invest, and make smart financial decisions. Our three lanes of focus include Investment Management, Retirement & Financial Planning, and Tax Management & Retirement distribution planning. 

Stephanie McCullough, Sofia Financial – Berwyn, PA

Sofia Financial specializes in offering financial planning for Women – whether single, married, divorced, or widowed – who are looking for a partner in financial decision making. For women with looming financial decisions to make who may be tired worrying about making them on their own, Sofa Financial can be your caring friend, subject-matter expert, and accountability partner. 

Sweta Bhargav, Adviso Wealth – Philadelphia, PA

Adviso Wealth focuses on working with clients who are entrepreneurs and executives ready to achieve true financial independence. We provide the support, guidance, and expertise clients need to grow wealth, reduce stress, prepare for the future, and provide for their families in a rapidly changing economic landscape. 

Vincent Barbera, Newbridge Wealth Management – Berwyn, PA

Newbridge Wealth Management provides process-driven wealth management for Professionals & Families. Our process-driven approach to financial planning provides comfort and clarity to our client’s long-term goals. We partner with you to simplify your financial life so you can fully live yours! 

Justin Harvey, APM Wealth – Philadelphia, PA

APM Wealth works with anesthesiologists and pain management physicians to achieve measurable financial progress, grow and protect wealth, and intentionally build a life well-lived. Anaesthesiologists and pain management physicians have unique business, compensation, and healthcare marketplace dynamics that significantly impact their financial futures. We work with clients from initial contract and high student loans, to retirement planning and investments and everything in between. 

Bonus: There’s No Place Like Home!

While the City of Brotherly Love is clearly loaded with some really great financial advisors, if you head about an hour or so west on route I-76, you’ll arrive at my home town of Reading, Pennsylvania. 

As an added bonus, and proof that Reading has much more to offer than just being known as a Railroad piece on a Monopoly board, I’ve also included some of the very best financial advisors in Reading (and Lancaster), Pennsylvania for anyone looking to find a financial planner a bit outside the big city. 

Patrick Velekei, Velekei Giles Financial Advisors – Reading, PA

Velekei Giles Financial Advisors strives to improve our clients’ lives by guiding them to financial security. We do this by providing a personal and caring relationship with a dedicated team of professionals. The core focus of our firm is providing retirement planning and financial management that creates clarity and confidence for our clients.

Elizabeth G. Mastromarino, Financial Planning Advisors – Reading, PA 

Financial Planning is about peace of mind. We help clients, and their families develop, implement, and monitor wealth management strategies in pursuit of their financial goals and a more comfortable life. We work with clients to create comprehensive financial plans customized to their specific circumstances, plans that include portfolio management, tax-efficient strategies, advanced planning, retirement analysis and education planning. 

Chiara Sockel Renninger, Buckingham Strategic Wealth – Reading, PA

Buckingham Strategic Wealth’s Wyomissing team is devoted to helping clients reach their goals through comprehensive, fee-only wealth management and financial planning. We want to give investors the assurance, peace of mind and restful nights that come with having a customized plan that covers every aspect of their financial lives. 

Since 2000, we’ve worked with individuals, families, business owners and nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania and beyond. Today, we continue to provide deeply personal levels of service to ensure that we know – and are working toward – our clients’ most important financial goals. As fiduciaries, our commitment is to put their interests first, and our values and approach help us enrich the lives of many.

Kevin Miller, Berkshire Investment Group – Reading, PA

For more than two decades, our experienced team has served multiple generations of clients and their families, offering comprehensive financial planning and prudent investment strategies that seek to preserve and grow wealth. We’ve earned a reputation for excellence in our industry by providing high-touch, personalized service and unbiased advice and guidance. It would be our pleasure to provide the same level of care and service to you, your family, or your business. 

Virgil Kahl, Spring Ridge Financial Group – Reading, PA

We have been providing financial planning and investment management to individuals and small businesses for the past 20 years. Virgil and her team believe that the education, guidance, and communication they provide their clients gives them the confidence and peace of mind needed to live a fulfilling life. We treat all our clients like family, and we love them like family, because we love what we do! 

Whereas many advisors do not personally manage investment portfolios and subcontract investment management to third-party asset managers, the investment process and management is managed and monitored daily in-house. We pride ourselves in staying up to date on every aspect that investment performance has on our client’s achieving their short and long-term goals. 

Jonathan Kiehl, Evenkiehl Financial Planning – Lancaster, PA

Evenkiehl Financial Planning specializes in tax-efficient, values-aligned financial planning and investment management. Jonathan employs a personalized approach that provides clients with peace of mind and clarity.  

Ryan Kelly, Aries Financial Navigators – Lititz, PA

Aries Financial Navigators provides custom planning and investment solutions for retirement savers and retirees. Our mission is to partner with clients & deliver incredible value by providing the highest quality services and meaningful results.

What Do The Best Financial Advisors All Have In Common? 

While the financial advisors listed above work with different types of clients, have varying levels of experience and expertise, and have wildly different personalities (okay, maybe not WILDLY different since we are all in fact financial advisors after all!), they have a few things in common that I believe are very important:

  1. They adhere to a Fiduciary Standard 100% of the time. In essence, what this means is they will ALWAYS operate with your best interest in mind, not theirs! 
  2. They are CFP® Professionals. CFP® Professionals are required to have a college degree, pass a rigorous exam, meet certain experience criteria, maintain a minimum level of continuing education, and much more. 
  3. They are Independent Business Owners. While great advisors do exist at the major wirehouses and insurance companies, they are often faced with the challenging task of balancing their commitments to their employer and their clients. 

As previously stated, this list is not intended to be exhaustive. It’s crucial that you also do your own homework in order to identify a financial advisor in the greater Philadelphia area that may be a good fit for you. 

How Hyperion Financial Is Different From Other Financial Planners in Philadelphia

There are some really great advisors listed above! However, here are five things I believe help separate Hyperion Financial from other firms you may be considering:

  1. We have a team of specialist financial advisors that are able to meet you wherever you may be in your current stage of life and financial planning journey. 
  2. We focus HEAVILY on all things financial planning. While many financial advisors gravitate towards investments and portfolio management (we still do that too!), we prioritize helping our clients align their money with their goals and values so they can create more memories together.
  3. We have NO account minimums. Whether you’re just getting started saving for Retirement, or you’ve accumulated a sizable nest egg, we can help. 
  4. We intentionally limit the number of households we work with on an ongoing basis. This allows us to deliver personalized service and great value to our clients. Here is an example of the type of service we deliver to existing clients.   
  5. We keep things casual. Does anyone really enjoy wearing a suit and tie for anything other than special events? We sure don’t! 

If you believe we could be of help, consider scheduling a no-cost or commitment introductory phone call to see if our expertise matches your unique financial situation. 

Additional Free Resources For Finding A Financial Planner Near You

There are several other industry related financial websites that allow you to search for a financial advisor near you. Here are a few you may find helpful:

As a reminder, to further assist you make sure to check out the free guides included at the beginning of this article. You can then use these guides to interview at least two or three financial planners who appear to be a good fit for your situation prior to making a final decision on which advisor to entrust with your finances moving forward. 

What’s Next

Reaching out to a financial planner can be an overwhelming task, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, you’re making a huge life decision when deciding to entrust someone with your family’s finances.

Having said that, hopefully this article provides helpful resources to assist you in finding the best Philadelphia financial advisor for your unique financial situation!